Letter of recommendation

The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) is the Brussels-based secretariat for the EAA Grants from Norway, Liechtenstein and lceland to EU. The EEA Grants provide fund ing to 16 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe in programme areas within different sectors ranging from environmental protection and climate change to civil society and research. The FMO is affiliated to EFTA but reports to the Foreign Ministries of lceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The FMO staff comprises staff comprises 15 nationalities.

Ingvild Jebsen was in 2013, in competition with other coaches, selected by FMO to offer coaching services to all staff members, around 50 employees.

During 2013 and 2014, Ingvild B. Jebsen coached 28 of FMO’s staff members to support them to implement tools and habits for better work/ life balance, especially in periods with heavy work load.

The coaching was perfomed in the English language based on confidentiality between each employee and Ingvild Jebsen. It was experienced that the employees achieved improvements on:

  • lncreased control over the working-day and less stress through improved time management, structure and organization.
  • lncreased consciousness on stress-triggers and improved approach in how to handle situations which could cause stress.
  • Increased work-capability by change of life style (sleep/ nutrition/ physical activities) Enhanced ability to con sent rate during longer period of time and improved work­capability.

Ingvild showed during the period a high ability in balancing her professional work with an empathetic approach towards the clients. Our staff members had trust in her strategy towards the different individual goals and Ingvild showed strength in her individual adaption for each client as well as the follow up of them.

We can highly recommend Ingvild Jebsen as a professional Coach.

Bjarni Vestmann
Head of Administration and Finance Department
Financial Mechanism Office

Rue Joseph li, 12-16-1000 Brussels, Belgium • fmo@efta.int • www.eeagrants.org